LFS-6.5 Chapter6.51-Psmisc

Stephan Jansen stephan.jansen at acoustic5.de
Thu Oct 15 06:26:19 PDT 2009

Michael Tsang wrote:
> On Thursday 15 October 2009 16:06:53 Stephan Jansen wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I've got the same error at the same point as Scott Castaline reports at
>> 25 Sep 2008: When I do ./configure --prefix=/usr --exec-prefix="" to
>> configure psmisc, the process terminates with
>> "configure: error: Cannot find tinfo, ncurses or termcap libraries".
>> I have reinstalled ncurses round about three or more times but it does
>> not solving the problem. Thereby I tried out to configure with or
>> without different options, but at last I followed the book originally.
>> Maybe a piece of interest: A similar problem occured before when
>> installing readline: Compiling ("make")  ended up with two errors: one
>> was reported as "ignored", the other was a syntax error regarding to
>> libncurses.so or libncursesw.so so I recognize.
>> I've tried to install anyway and there seemed to be no problem, readline
>> installed without any error prompt. So I went on until building perl was
>> unpossible to install, but I'm sorry, at this time I do not remember the
>> error-messages accurately.
>> I give up my first attempt and began a new up from chapter 5 (I backed
>> up the first toolchain). Now I have builded readline without the
>> SHLIB_LIBS=-lncurses option and in the following there were no problems
>> to install perl (why ever). But now there is this annoying problem with
>> config of psmisc.
>> I'm really not an expert, but it seemed to me somewhat like a
>> linker-problem (insofar I have understood the system - please correct me
>> if I'm wrong).
>> I would be really gratefull for every hint leading closer to any
>> solution - I'm at a loss.
>> If there is any need for more information please tell me - I will try to
>> reproduce the occuring errors but because of my workaround I'm not able
>> to copy and paste the prompting messages so it is a little bit extensive
>> to post them.
>> Thank you
> Have you used the --enable-overwrite option when building ncurses?
Thank you for the reply.
Yes I think I did like specified in Chapter 5.14 during building up the 
first toolchain (/lfs/tools). But I'm not free from making mistakes so I 
think it would be best to build the first toolchain again, isn't it?
In the second pass (chapter 6.18) this option is not required. But I 
think I tried this one too here in one of my many attempts. The success 
was the same (no psmisc able to configure)

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