Chapter 6.19 - util-linux-ng-2.16

Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at
Mon Oct 19 11:49:33 PDT 2009

Ken Turner wrote:
> Hello has anyone seen this error before when compiling Util-linux-ng-2.16 
> /tmp/ccXZfRfB.s: Assembler messages: 
> /tmp/ccXZfRfB.s:1703: Error: symbol `fstatat64' is already defined 
> /tmp/ccXZfRfB.s:1736: Error: symbol `fstat64' is already defined 
> /tmp/ccXZfRfB.s:1765: Error: symbol `lstat64' is already defined 
> /tmp/ccXZfRfB.s:1794: Error: symbol `stat64' is already defined 


> Any help on this would be great... 

I have left this, because I don't know what your problem is, however,
since you have gotten no response for a few days, and you ask for
any help...

I have no idea what level of understanding you already have, so
don't feel like I'm talking down to you.

Do you know what an assembler is? It's a part of the tool chain
which translates "high level" languages, like C, to machine language
(which the machine can actually execute, 1s and 0s).

(C language source)---------->[compiler]---->(assembly language source)

(assembly language source)--->[assembler]--->(linkable object code)

(linkable object)---+
(linkable object)---+-------->[linker]------>(loadable object code)
(linkable object)---+

(loadable object)---+
(library object)----+-------->[loader]------>(running program in memory)
(library object)----+

In this particular case, it looks like your compiler has produced some
assembly source named /tmp/ccXZfRfB.s which it intends to throw away
(note the non meaningful name and its location in /tmp).

Were I investigating this, the first thing I would do is to look
through the Makefile and change the compiler flags, usually set
in a line like

CCFLAGS = -c -o

to instruct the compiler to leave the assembly source lying around,
rather than delete it, and then go look at lines 1703, 1736, etc.
and use an editor to find out where those symbols are already
defined, and then get an idea why they are defined multiple

This may not be the best way for you to approach it, however, depending
upon your expertise.

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