laptop blocked after hibernate

Spahn, Daniel DSpahn at
Thu Oct 22 09:50:22 PDT 2009

>Hi list, I was triying to set up the liveCd for LFS. In liveCd I ran cfdick and deleted the old partition then I've created two partitions, one for linux and one for swap. After the creation >of the file system ext3 on the firs and the mkswap on the second I'v lauched the swapon -v /swap/partition  and all seemed to work. Then I launched the hibernate command. After this >the pc doesn't boot anymore neither from the cd, I can't enter to the bios except for the small boot menu but in any ways the screen remains black with the prompt blinking.
>Can you help me?

I'd try pulling all sources of power, including the battery, and holding the power button for 60 seconds. Reconnect the power and see if it boots. Let us know.

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