"Cannot run C compiled programs", falling at first hurdle.

Chris Staub chris at beaker67.com
Sun Oct 25 20:07:10 PDT 2009

On 10/25/2009 04:02 PM, Christian Gardner wrote:
> Hi all, I have an LFS 6.3 host system and I'm trying to build an LFS 6.4 system on a separate partition. I can't even get the configure script in the first pass of binutils to go alright! I get the above error message, followed by something about what to do if I'm cross-compiling. Which I'm not, right?
> On further investigation, I do
> echo 'main(){}'>  dummy.c
> cc dummy.c
> ./a.out
> and it says a.out command not found! Even though an ls reveals it's there, all permissions okay! What's going on?
First, you need to be specific about what exactly it says when you 
attempt to run a.out. Second, if there are any problems with running the 
compiled program I would expect that the cc command should have had 
errors as well. Third, I would guess that if you are getting errors 
about "cross-compiling" on Binutils it's probably because you are 
putting the whole command on one line and have forgotten to remove the \ 

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