laptop blocked after hibernate

Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at
Mon Oct 26 23:32:20 PDT 2009

Simone Dalmasso wrote:
> Hi list, I was triying to set up the liveCd for LFS. In liveCd I ran cfdick
> and deleted the old partition then I've created two partitions, one for
> linux and one for swap. After the creation of the file system ext3 on the
> firs and the mkswap on the second I'v lauched the swapon -v /swap/partition
> and all seemed to work. Then I launched the hibernate command. After this
> the pc doesn't boot anymore neither from the cd, I can't enter to the bios
> except for the small boot menu but in any ways the screen remains black with
> the prompt blinking.
>  Can you help me?

The problem you report may not be related to the changes
you made. However, some of those special BIOSes rely upon
"hidden" partitions which contain the real interface. It's
not all that safe simply to remove all partitions, as they
may contain information the BIOS relies upon. When you
did the "hibernate", it may have overwritten special BIOS
extensions. Dell and Compaq computers, especially, have used
this technique.

I suggest searching the web for information on your laptop
and any information related to BIOS extensions which may
reside upon disc. You may be able to find that there is
such information on disc, and some place where you can
pull a copy from the web and install it on your disc.

May I suggest that, in future, you make a physical disc
image and save that somewhere before making permanent

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