console settings to be compatible with ubuntu

Tobias Gasser lfs at
Sat May 1 11:17:50 PDT 2010

up to yesterday, i never had problems with the charsets, but now i 
finally could convince one of my customers to use linux on a new desktop 
machine. up to now, i just use linux for servers, mostly lfs and the 
desktops are running windows. most customers require one or another 
proprietary software which requires windows, and wine is usually not 
build for those special products. but that's not the question today, i 
just wanted to introduce the envrionment i'm useing.

as mentionned, i never had any problems with this setup, but now i'm 
stuck with codepages!!

i never had any problems to access the server from any windows. but with 
ubuntu i just get garbage with the filename and even with plain textfiles!!

same with samba and nfs.

i tried for hours to get a working configuration, but got no running result!

as i'm from CH, i use

FONT="lat9w-16 -m 8859-15"

in /etc/sysconfig/console


dos charset = cp850
unix charset = ISO8859-1

in samba.conf

first i played arround with the console settings (UNICODE= and 
LEGACY_CHARSET) but got no useable result.

then i googled and got quite some hints, but none solves my problem.
i built a fresh server with just samba and nfs to play arround. but 
creating a file like 'öä.txt' either on the server or on the 
ubuntu-workstation (no change from a 9.10 to 10.4 life system) the other 
system just shows up a garbage-filename. for every change i made to 
either samba or console i rebooted the server, as i'm not shure wether a 
'console start' would really do the job.

i really would like to have a first customer with a production-system on 
ubuntu, but if i can't fix the behaviour, i probably will have to 
install windows as any windows (from 98 to 7 runs fine with the above 

thanks for any hint or help

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