Make error in glibc

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Wed May 5 13:57:45 PDT 2010

Mike McCarty wrote:

> Rather than try to figure out what packages actually require
> bash features, and contact their maintainers, and then hope to
> get fixes in place, they have chosen simply to say "make
> /bin/sh point to a copy of bash".

Actually, the last time I checked, one of the main packages that have 
the problem is glibc and it has been brought up.  In the past they 
refused to change, although they only need to change




I don't know if this is the current status or not, however, there is 
really no advantage in not using bash.  After all, it's the only shell 
available after you chroot.

I really don't understand why some distros use dash.  Yes, dash is 
smaller and faster, but although the differences are measurable, they 
are not discernible to the user.

   -- Bruce

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