how to install liveCD.iso via virtual-box

Alexander Haley ahaley at
Tue May 11 13:00:27 PDT 2010


I am not using Windows 7, however I use Virtual Box all the time - and
I believe the question you are asking is NOT windows version specific
; That said:

When creating a new virtual machine in VirtualBox - the "create new
machine wizard" asks some generic questions like "System Type /
Distro" in order to better guess at the base-level requirements for
the virtual machine (like memory, disk space) , AND it also controls
what icon the virtual machine will have.

You can override many of these presets via the Settings control once
you've created the initial virtual machine.

The help file says, "Depending on your [OS/VERSION] selection,
VirtualBox will enable or disable certain VM settings that your guest
operating system may require. This is particularly important for
64-bit guestS."

So, for example, if I select as MS Windows, Windows XP - the next pane
shows a base-memory requirement of 192MB . If instead, I selected
Linux, Linux 2.2 , the next pane recommends a memory of 64MB .

So , What is suitable for LFS in VirtualBox? I'd suggest choosing the
OS of Linux, with the Version of 'Linux 2.6' (or 2.6 64bit if
appropriate) .

On the next pane, it will recommend 256MB of memory - which if you can
afford to increase, I suggest you do.

I'd also suggest that you create in the Virtual Media Manager a "Fixed
Size Storage" drive of 512MB and use it as your swap partition. I
recall running into trouble using the 'dynamic' style drive for my
swap space....

If you run into trouble, feel free to email me (directly or via the
list). I use VirtualBox a lot, and have run LFS via it before.

Then again, I am only a hobbyist - so if anyone else can amplify or
correct this information, please do!

Alexander H.

On Tue, May 11, 2010 at 3:18 PM, Prasoon Maheshwari
<maheshwariprasoon at> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am trying to install lfs via virtual-box on window-7.
> There i need to give the type of operating system+its distribution.
> please tell me which operating system and distribution should i select.
> help me out to install it in a specific way.
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