LFS for old Compaq LTE 5300 laptop

Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at sbcglobal.net
Tue May 18 12:58:38 PDT 2010

Leho Pärnapuu wrote:

Hmm. Looks Finnish. I used to know a guy who lived in Finland,
in Erkinankattuu, I think.


> I also have one COM and one LPT cable to connect two computers. This is also
> one way of getting data from one to another computer. :) But it takes a long
> long
> time to copy 1 Gb over LPT.

I've done that sort of thing, and it certainly does. However, just
start it up, and let it run a couple of days, and do other stuff.

> Another possibility would be, if you can
>> get an adapter which lets you install the laptop's disc
>> in your regular machine, to use it directly.
>>> Is it doable? Do I need to built it as CLFS or can I built as a regular
>> LFS?
>> If you build on a VM, you shouldn't have a problem, which
>> is the way I would likely do it. CLFS seems like much more
>> trouble and chances for mistakes.
> I have never tried any VM before. I'll take a look on that.

I like QEMU. I tried BOCHS, but it ran quite a bit slower for me.
OTOH, you may not get much boost from kqemu (the "native" virtualizer)
when you run in 64 bit mode, perhaps none. I'm not sure whether I
compared speeds without the kernel aided VM running with QEMU.

The first LFS build I did was LFS 6.4 on a QEMU VM using the LFS 6.3
LiveCD, and it worked fine. One thing to watch out for is that
JHALFS on the 6.3 LiveCD is *broken*. Be sure to get a later version
if you intend to use JHALFS (which I recommend, so it can run more
or less unattended). That bit me in the backside, causing me to
do several failed builds, before I found that out.

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