cannot set root passwd

Mac Zero skizero at
Tue May 18 15:15:52 PDT 2010

> Mac Zero wrote:
> > 
> > root:/# passwd root
> > Changing password for root
> > Enter the new password (minimum of 5 characters) Please use a 
> > combination of upper and lower case letters and numbers.
> > Bad password: too short.
> > Warning: weak password (enter it again to use it anyway).
> > passwd: password changed.
> > 
> > The problem is I am not being prompted to enter a password. The 
> > command runs and terminates immediately with the above output. The 
> > password appears to be set (to what I do not know):
> It would appear that the keyboard input is not being picked.  I'm not 
> sure why, but check to see if /dev is populated correctly.  If you are 
> doing it from chroot after jhalfs, did you mount /dev into the chroot 
> environment?
> See section 6.2.

Thanks Bruce -- that was dead on. I had thought jhalfs had mounted this and
figured they would still be mounted - but I was wrong. I followed the step
in 6.2.2 and I'm back in business. 


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