LFS for old Compaq LTE 5300 laptop

Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at sbcglobal.net
Wed May 19 08:14:50 PDT 2010

Simon Geard wrote:
> What time period are you talking about for these comments? For it to be
> a 133MHz machine, we're talking about a machine from 1997 or so - a good
> thirteen years ago.

I don't know the exact time periods. However, Compaq and Dell
both did that, and I've got a 166 MHz Dell which has that problem, from
about that time period. Even just finding drivers which would
work with the OEM version of Windows was somewhat difficult,
let alone for Linux. I also have a Compaq Presario of more recent
vintage with a 2.7 GHz Celeron in it with that.

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