Glibc fails to make. (error 2)

Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at
Wed May 19 21:54:39 PDT 2010

Kyle Brennan wrote:
> So I should be compiling in the sources folder.  that is probably why
> the compile failed in the first place.  so for example my binutils pass
> 1 directory would look like this: "$LFS/sources/binutils-2.20"

You can build anywhere you want, so long as it isn't $LFS/tools,
$LFS/dev, etc.

I happen not to like to build underneath the $LFS/sources directory.
The usual way I do it is

	$LFS/sources			tarballs
	$LFS/build/package-version	extracted tarballs

I then build in


As a specific example,


is the directory where I would extract the tarball and do the build.
The CWD would be


when I extract the tarball, and the extraction process creates


I then

	$ cd binutils-2.20
	$ ./configure
	$ make

That's a personal preference. You can do it anywhere,
so long as it's not any of the other directories which
eventually get used, like


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