Glibc make fails with Error 2

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Sun May 23 23:42:20 PDT 2010

Kyle Brennan wrote:

>> These types of errors usually means you don't have CFLAGS set correctly,
>> which points to some problem with configparms. Do "cat configparms".
> It worked, and just a quick question, when you go for pass 2, 3, etc... 
> do you start over with a clean build directory?
> ex:
> do you remove the binutils-build directory and then create a new one? 
> for the binutils pass 2 build?

Yes!  Remove both the binutils-<version> directory and <package>-build 
(if any) directory and re-extract from the tarballs.  Do that for every 

Go back and re-read Chapter 5.3, Important Note 1.

    -- Bruce

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