Glibc build CH6.9 Awk: command not found

Kyle Brennan kyle_bren at
Tue May 25 09:43:30 PDT 2010

ok. thanks how do i unchroot? or will restarting solve that? ---------- Sent from my Verizon Wireless mobile phone

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Mike McCarty wrote:
> Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>> Kyle Brennan wrote:
>>> Hi again,
>>> Big problem here, It appears that Gawk was improperly configured and now
>>> when I try to configure my Glibc build, it runs into an error where it
>>> cannot find the awk command.
>> Read section vii. Host System Requirements.
> In Ch 6.9 isn't the awk needed the one in .../tools?

I missed that.  We get so many posts that end up being because the Host
Requirements aren't met that I thought this was another.

Kyle, go back to 5.21. Gawk and reinstall.

   -- Bruce

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