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Jess Hires hires.jess at
Wed May 26 09:23:10 PDT 2010

This might be a little off topic, but has anybody compiled a Kindle version
of LFS from the HTML?

I put one together for myself, using Mobipocket Creator. It's a little time
consuming, I had to put the pages together in the right order, according to
the Table of Contents, and I put a separator page in between each section to
send a "page break" to the Mobipocket document, just so it's a little
cleaner to look at.

I'd be willing to come up with an automated way to do this (and remove some
of the extra HTML that's unnecessary, like Prev Page / Next Page), if anyone
sees any value in this, assuming nobody else has already done it.

Maybe it could be uploaded to Amazon as a free Kindle book that way.  ;)

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