How to Improve the LFS book

JimD. lfs at
Thu May 27 05:01:43 PDT 2010

On this topic, I too had a notion that what I call "Lab Notes" would have
been an improvement and perhaps call users attention to important

I did this for my self, as the text does a good job of explaining the what
and the how,but the how is embedded in the text, and not as easily followed.

I printed the book and then made notes as to what to do. I have a duplex
laser and paid Office Depot about 4.00 to bind it with wire. It cost me
about 6.00 to make it, and I put about 10 blank pages at the end to jot down
lab notes.

So, perhaps there is some way to tag sections of the book so that a separate
document could be generated that just has the step by step instructions (
AND important notes).

I have to admit, I had to learn to hard way to just delete the un-tar and
build directories after each step (and, if a step fails).

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