LFS-6.6, Stage2, glibc, nscd.c:442

Paul Rogers paulgrogers at fastmail.fm
Thu May 27 09:47:39 PDT 2010

> > Have built LFS-4.1&  -6.1, trying to build -6.6 on -6.1.  Stage 1
> > seemed to go well.  Building glibc early in Stage2 failed.  I did a
> > search, saw others had a similar problem, but didn't see a relevant
> > solution.  The /scripts in my $PATH is where I put my cut&pasted
> > "build scripts". Suggestions appreciated.  (I can supply my log.conf
> > if relevant.)
> When you say Stage2 do you mean chapter 6, in chroot?

Yes, that's what Stage2 means.

> > Build script I folded the book instructions into.  Sorry if much of
> > this seems extraneous, but this is the whole story.  "pio" is a
> > package manager I use, formerly known as "git" by Ingo Brueckl,
> > renamed for obvious reasons.  Basically it examines the directories
> > before and after, then builds a script to delete what was added.
> Have you tried just following the book without deviating? Do you get
> the same errors if you follow the book? It would be helpful if you
> could narrow down exactly how to reproduce the error.

This isn't my first LFS build; the fourth actually.  You don't have to
scream "FBBG" at me like some magic incantation.  I believe I do have
some appreciation for what kind of deviations cause issues.  pio/git
is the sort of package manager of section, and I choose it
precisely because it doesn't try to mess with the build/installation
process!  It's not unlikely, is it, that my problem might be an issue
with the Stage1 gcc-pass2?  Well, I can rip it out, restore gcc-pass1
and rerun pass2 now without having to go through ALL of Stage1 BECAUSE
I have implemented package management, even in Stage1.

Now you can go pout and say, "Run it your own way then, you won't do
it my way."  I see far too much of that childishness, don't bother.
But if you have some specific positive suggestions about the actual
issue, I'd be more than willing to try to resolve this impediment.
Paul Rogers
paulgrogers at fastmail.fm
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