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Fri May 28 08:46:52 PDT 2010

> > On this topic, I too had a notion that what I call "Lab Notes" would
> > have been an improvement and perhaps call users attention to
> > important procedures.
> >
> I like that. In the BLFS book, each package has "user notes" that link
> to a wiki page if it exists. Those are not even noticed unless the
> reader suspects that some "need to know" might be there.

I do too!  Although I strongly suggest that section of the book NOT
refer to anything online, but include whatever's important as succinct
"notes".  I strongly recommend all systems be built on disconnected,
standalone boxes.  I was surprized the book doesn't!

One of the "war stories" I've collected was IKEA/Western Union(?) began
building a system on a Friday on an internet connected box.  It wasn't
finished by quitting time, and by the time they got back to the job on
Monday morning it wasn't "theirs" anymore!  But they didn't expect that
and put it into corporate service unawares.

This 6.6 system I've been working on booted to single user mode.
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