LFS-6.6, Stage2, glibc, nscd.c:442

Paul Rogers paulgrogers at fastmail.fm
Sat May 29 10:20:35 PDT 2010

>I closely examined you script and my eyes could not detect anything
>about the ch6-glibc that would cause any difference from pure cut and

There shouldn't be.  I just separate the book instructions into "setup",
e.g. useradd, "build" binaries, and "finish", e.g. diddle /etc/fstab,
because it makes cloning simpler.  I'm a proponent of the KISS
philosophy.  To follow the book rigidly means doing it all in one
sitting, and I just can't do that!  So I cut and past into my build
template.  But I can understand why a Support Team wouldn't necessarily
want to examine every sort of script anyone could present.

>past to the command line. Something before that must have set up the
>conditions leading to the trouble. Everyone has been assuming that host
>system requirements (HSR) are all met, and (in ch6) the kernel virtual
>filesystems are properly mounted and you are running in chroot.

This goes without saying, to the best of my ability and I was able to
build 6.1 this way.  My scripts begin back in Ch 4!

>I'll throw this at it: I could not build linux-2.6.18 with the newer
>gcc's. To build it, I installed gcc-3.3.6 in order to build it. I chose
>gcc-3.3.6 because of an article comparing gcc's which indicated that
>3.3.6 had a history of stability. I used for a long time
>HSR say Linux Kernel-2.6.18 (having been compiled with GCC-3.0 or
>greater) ... true   (y) _

The 6.1 LFS has gcc-3.4.3.  I patched up to linux-2.6.18(.0).

>The __stack_chk_guard which is only seen by grep in gcc, must have
>gotten built in at some earlier step or possibly bled in from the

How far back do you suppose?  Stage 2 pass 1 or Stage 1 pass 2?  I can
quite confidently rip either out and replace it with my scripts.
(UPMPMG; use package management, package management good)

I don't suppose you have any idea what kind of parameter error might
cause gcc's make to include it?  /tools/lib does have libssp.  I suppose
that's indicative, eh?  (Can't give you a listing at the moment, I'm on
a different twinned box also running 6.1.  But I can query my package
management on the other box to see which step added libssp.)

>2.6.18 kernel (i think) you said you built to begin the lfs build.

I see nothing in menuconfig which mentions stack protector in 2.6.18,
and before you ask, my kern-patch script does run oldconfig.  I grepped
the whole source directory for stack.chk.guard, nothing.

>I built lfs running from the livecd which has kernel For
>speed (unless little memory), at the boot prompt, boot:linux toram

No fun.  1.4GHz P-3, 512MB.  Besides, as I wrote, I really want to have
a clean migration path.  Maybe 6.1 to 6.6 is too far a jump, but it
matched the HSR with the exception of kernel version.

Besides I rather think the LiveCD starts the NIC/network, mine doesn't
and I really don't want that.
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