New LFS & business plan

George geohuber at
Mon May 31 08:09:50 PDT 2010

On 5/31/2010 8:38 AM, Mohsen Pahlevanzadeh wrote:
> Deal all,
> We need to start a LFS project.I'm responsible to create the program&
> explain type of phases&  costs&  employes that project is needed.
> Do you have same template of program that i change it?
> Yours,
> Mohsen
Um...can you give us more information?

If the project is to just get a LFS host up and running the specifics 
might be (this is based on my experience working through the 6.1 stuff 
several years ago)

In the following, I'm going to used `C' to represent the daily cost to 
the company for one engineer.  This would include the engineer's wages, 
any funds that the company contribute towards health-care, insurance, 
retirement etc.

phase 0 -- planning

      During this phase you would get the LFS (and possibly the BLFS) 
book(s), read at least the first few chapters and decide what
packages you want the completed system to have.

time -- 0.5 to 1.0 day, depending on how fast your read :)
cost -- 0.5C to C

phase 1 -- acquiring materials.

     During this phase you would download the packages outlined in phase 
0.  Note, this phase can be done concurrently with phase 0 for the most 
part, i.e. if you identify a package start downloading it as you 
continue to read..

time -- really depends on the speed of your internet connect and how 
many packages you need.  Realistically it shouldn't take you more then a 
few hours to down load all the packages, lets say 0.25 day.
cost -- 0.25C

phase 2 -- building the system

     During this phase you would actually build the system as described 
in the LFS and BLFS books.  The time that it would take to do
this is dependent on the speed of your build-host as well as how much 
you are building.  For me I build the entire system descriped in
LFS and well as putting on the X-server, XFCE desktop and several more 
development packages.

time -- 2.5 - 3 days (being generous here)
cost -- 2.5C - 3C

Totals :
time : 3.25 - 4.25
cost : 3.25C - 4.25C

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