LFS-6.6, Stage2, glibc, nscd.c:442

x2164 at lycos.com x2164 at lycos.com
Mon May 31 16:11:05 PDT 2010

  Hi Paul,

  You got a lot more out of them on this problem then i did.

  I think it just boils down to the fact that they've put all this
  time and effort into producing the, always, latest version of the
  book AND it works for them.  Bringing the book to usability must
  be time consuming enough, doing the support work just sucks the
  remaining life out of them.

  Most of the posters with problems do seem to have,
  for whatever reason, strayed from the path of righteousness
  and not followed the book closely enough.  After hearing
  their confessions the priests, i'm sorry i meant support staff,
  tell the sinner, oops, i meant poster with the problem, to
  utter the prayer "rm -rf /mnt/lfs/*" at their command prompt
  and that their penance is to start the book from the beginning.
  And for some, who return to the beginning, the error resolves
  itself and they compile their way to the end of the book and
  the booting of their spanking new lfs Bk.6.6 system.

  But you sir are not of that "some".

  You are of the "undefined reference to '__stack_chk_guard'".  Souls
  who exist in the darkness at the edge of the circle of light cast
  by the book.  What chain of bonds in the darkness keep us from
  entering the light? We cannot see.  We call, post actually, for help
  but the priests say our build environments are not worthy of the book.

  So you wait, without a saving answer.  You hear faint whispers on the
  wind, (threads for the last three months inclusive), of
  "libc_cv_ssp='no'", shout out to Szabolcs there, and "-lssp".

  Well, sir, i was like you.  "undefined reference to'__stack_chk_guard'"
  was the mark of my sin, and the priests
  also said unto me that my build environment was not worthy of
  the book.
  But i read the book and took comfort in its words and knew that in it
  lay the true path to its meaning.  And no truer words then "My distro,
  my rules" did i need to see.

  So i uttered the prayer "-lssp" on the link line for 'nscd' and it
  was brought forth and with it its mother, Glibc-2.11.1 sprang fully
  formed.  I told the priests what i had done.  They're cries of
  blasphemy rang on my monitor, how dare i stray from the book.
  I pleaded that 'make check' had generated only the expected
  error but all they could say was that hence forth my code could
  not be trusted.  A truly crushing blow.

  Again i turned to the book for comfort, and, step by step, package
  by package i moved toward the light till that day that all
  readers of the book seek.

  Yes, the day i booted my new LFS Bk.6.6 system with its
  Linux- kernel.

  And yes, it wears the mark of my "-lssp" prayer that it might exist
  but it wears that mark as a badge of honor.

  But of course there is the rub.  Maybe its true that we shouldn't
  get all that we pray for.

  In my arrogance i drank of the ALFS.

  Like a siren's song the jhalfs scripts drew me in.  Only teasing me
  with a few trials to test my love before providing, with barely a
  touch of the keyboard, a new bootable LFS system with a
  blfs_root directory.

  And BLFS hell is where i now reside.  If only i'd known.

  Damn you XOrg_7 package and your infinite loop segfault!

  So Paul, what i really need to say is "that if it breaks, you get to
  keep the pieces" but maybe, more important, "if it doesn't break,
  you still get to keep the pieces".

  If you need help let me know.


  I would like to express my
  sincerest thanks to all those
  who have contributed to the
  development of linuxfromscratch
  It is evident from the overall
  thread that everyones efforts are
  directed at trying to 
  make linuxfromscratch more

  And that is the goal.

  My hope is that i too, someday,
  can contribute in someway, that
  will be worthy of inclusion. 

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