LFS-6.6, Stage2, glibc, nscd.c:442

Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon May 31 19:04:31 PDT 2010

Quoth the creator:
> Gerard: Read the book we wrote for our users. But, don’t be afraid to
> deviate from it. After all, that’s the whole point of the project: to
> make a system for yourself, not according to somebody else’s
> specifications.
> http://www.crazyengineers.com/gerard-beekmans-building-linux-from-scratch/

As true as that is, of course, it is sometimes terribly difficult to 
support individual users who are doing their own thing (straying from 
the standard path is unfortunately not always for the faint of heart). 
Others have said it: unless we can duplicate the problem somebody faces 
doing things slightly different, support can be hard to provide. Of 
course we all love a challenge and with time and patience we often do 
get to the bottom of things and offer workarounds or book rewrites to 
cope with it.


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