[lfs-support] No to rewrite the wheel but I'm scripting the LFS Book...

jasonpsage at jegas.com jasonpsage at jegas.com
Sun Jan 1 01:03:05 PST 2012

I know there is ALFS and JALFS or whatever and I might refer and or use
those but for me, I personally
like the book layout, so I'm making scripts for each CHUNK along the

It's been gruelling waiting and testing but I like the idea that once in
stone I can really mess with
certain things and then run the whole gambit.

I even found some SERVER alternates for the file gathering and I'm
thinking about making my own REPO just
to make all the files in one place.

before anyone gets all indignant about this - let me say I'm learning
and I'm having fun and I love the LFS deal.

I've been researching other web sites and ways to make instant
distributions etc... even tried the Puppy Woof
thing but its got some issues (I think because it's a moving target...I
love Puppy Distros BTW) Anyways...

when I'm finished with my Scripts I'll postem here with a site for
pulling them down for anyone interested. 

Though I recommend the book first - and then using this as a way to help
save some typing after.

I admittedly had ZERO problems until BOOT TIME my first run through -
but I'm not discouraged.

My Goal is 100% my own Distro and LFS is the BEST teacher out there to
begin such an endeavor in my opinion.

Though those web sites that let you pick your poisen and deliver you an
ISO are AWESOME... it's not what I'm looking for!


--Jason P Sage

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