[lfs-support] LFS -Chapter 6.4 - CHROOT - Frustrating me badly.... I've tried so many things...

jasonpsage at jegas.com jasonpsage at jegas.com
Wed Jan 4 20:25:27 PST 2012

Hello Folks,

I need more help I'm afraid. 

Error Message: chroot failed to run command '/tools/bin/env' : No such
file or directory

I've confirmed it's there: /mnt/lfs/tools/bin/env
I've made sure $LFS = /mnt/lfs
I've executed the command directly and get a list of environment
variables. Thinking this might be wrong,
I even tried:

 /mnt/lfs/tools/bin/env --help     

And I got Help!  I even tried the chroot in $LFS/tools/bin/ just to see
what would happen - SAME ERROR

Does anyone know what this could be? It seems so simple a thing and yet
its preventing me from moving forward and I really really want to keep
moving forward if possible.

Any ideas?

Thank You!

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