[lfs-support] Error while compiling GCC 4.6.1 Pass 1

jasonpsage at jegas.com jasonpsage at jegas.com
Thu Jan 5 03:03:42 PST 2012

Hi Guys,

>> Hi Franck, it's the '[s-gtype] Killed' that shows the problem.
>Yep, I think I got that right too ;)

>I guess I mistyped something because when I used Jason's piece of script
>(copy-paste), it went OK. Well, at least, a bit further down because I
>had another error... that I will track down tonight.

Sorry if I got anything wrong.. but I am not emailing you because of
In the LFS Book it talks about wiping your "source folders" after each 
build so they are clean for the next. 

I've been taking a LAX approach to this, trying to only do that when I
see that a source
folder (or one of those "temp ones" is going to be used again. Well..
I've been fighting
a chroot issue - that I didn't recall being an issue when I was doing
the book by hand.

Maybe not related - but a FIX I found nonetheless... Bin Utils is built
twice early on,
and my second build was erroring out and I didn't notice util I put
"PRESS ENTER" to continue
pauses after each compile to debug... and LOW and BEHOLD - NOT REMOVING
the binutils and the "temp build" directory the book suggests was the
culprit. Now BOTH binutil passes compile.

Just thought I'd share because we are all hacking away at this! :)


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