[lfs-support] "at" command?

Geoff Swan gswan3 at bigpond.net.au
Fri Jan 6 03:33:45 PST 2012

On 6/01/2012 9:40 PM, jasonpsage at jegas.com wrote:
>>> On 6/01/2012 2:59 PM, David Gay wrote:
>>> Since I get a "command not found" type error, I assume not, but I have
>>> to ask:
>>> 1) is the "at" command installed in any of the LFS packages?
>>> 2) Or, is there some other command that provides the same functionality?
>>> (start some job/batch file at a given time)
>>> 3) Finally, if not part of LFS, can anyone suggest where to find the 
>>> sources so I can install it?
>>> Thanks for any help.
>> Geoff Swan replied
>> For cron type functionality I ended up using dcron.
>> http://www.jimpryor.net/linux/releases/dcron-4.5.tar.gz
> @DAVID: Thankx for asking - I never even knew that command "at" existed.
> Seems pretty slick!
> @Geoff - Went with dcron? Was it tough to "cron" working in LFS? (I'm
> just wondering so I know what I'm in for when I finally get my system to
> boot lol)
> --Jason
I looked at vixiecron, however it's quite an old piece of software and I
wanted something quite simple and lightweight for the system I was
building, no need for bells and whistles.

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