[lfs-support] "at" command?

David Gay davidwgay at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 6 08:13:57 PST 2012

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>>Since I get a "command not found" type error, I assume not, but I have to ask:
>> 1) is the "at" command installed in any of the LFS  packages?
>Not presently.  It is mentioned in Section iv. LFS and Standards.

>> 2) Or, is there some other command that provides the same functionality?
>>    (start some job/batch file at a given time)
>For cron type functionality I ended up using dcron.

>> 3) Finally, if not part of LFS, can anyone suggest where to find the sources 
>>so I can install it?
>The classic 'at' command is contained in the package at-3.1.13.orig.tar.gz
>You do not need the diff file.
>The package also provides the 'batch' command.
>You do need to create a boot script for it to function properly because the atd
>daemon needs to be running for it to work.

Thanks for the replies!  My google-foo for the sources just wasn't cutting it. 
Nor was my grep-foo of the LFS book.  Try searching for the word "at", and 
you'll see... :)  (And now I see, that I needed to be grep-ing the book 
for "At", not " at "...)

>This is the first time I've seen a request for it.

This is the first time I've wanted to use "at", so I wouldn't consider my 
request a "request" - I just wanted to try it out, and when I couldn't find it, 
it became a mission I had to complete. (and trust me, a trivial one at that)

In any case, thanks again!

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