[lfs-support] LFS - 7 - expect5.45 - Tests 26 - Passed 9 - Failed 17

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Jan 6 09:23:03 PST 2012

jasonpsage at jegas.com wrote:
> LFS 7.0 - Win7 -> Oracle Virtual Box -> Slackware 13.87
> Everything is building fine - then Expect Goes awry

Is that 'away' or 'awry' as in 'askew'?  I don't really understand your 
issue.  The packages expect, check, and dejaGNU are only built in 
Chapter 5 (tools) and are not in the default path after a reboot.

If you are asking about the 'make test' for expect in Chapter 5, I can't 
help because I never do them in LFS.  When installing in BLFS, I get:

all.tcl: Total 29 Passed   29 Skipped  0  Failed   0

   -- Bruce

> I read in the book and used the "line of script" that quiets many errors
> due to environment issues that we can't control (according to book) so I
> expected the error prone stuff to be ignored like the book said.
> That Said - is this something I should be worried about? So far all the
> tools are building nicely this go around ... I might not of noticed this
> before.. has anyone else had issues like this? And if it's nothing to
> worry about - that's fine with me too!
> Thank you
> --Jason

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