[lfs-support] LFS - 5.29 - perl-5.14.2 - possible errata

jasonpsage at jegas.com jasonpsage at jegas.com
Sun Jan 8 17:03:11 PST 2012

>> In the Code for installing perl, just after the make command, there is a
>> line of code that reads:
>> cp -v perl cpan/podlators/pod2man /tools/bin
>> However at this stage in the LFS 7.0 process, we aren't in chroot
>> I made the following change for this line and I hope its accomplishing
>> the right thing.
>> It's possible this line of code was MEANT to write in the HOST SYSTEM'S
>> /tools/bin folder,
>> but again, at this stage in the process, we are logged in as "lfs" and
>> permission is denied.
>> Here is the code I'm using and hoping it's correct:
>> cp -v perl cpan/podlators/pod2man $LFS/tools/bin
>> --Jason
>Hi Jason,
>In chapter 4.2 of the LFS1[1] book you're supposed to make a symlink,
>which means that /tools should be the same as $LFS/tools. You have
>probably rebooted a liveCD or something and forgot to make that
>symlink again?

How RIGHT YOU ARE about 4.2

This is the code I execute for that: (Above is a export LFS=/mnt/lfs for
good measure too)

# LFS Chapater 3 thru 4.2 - Making tools Dir and the symlink
# Also testing MD4 Check Sums here also. We Add The User 
# as in chapter 4.3 in the next Script.
unalias rm
rm -R $LFS/sources
rm -R $LFS/tools
mkdir -v $LFS/sources
mkdir -v $LFS/tools
chmod -v a+wt $LFS/sources
ln -sv $LFS/tools /
cp downloads/* $LFS/sources/.
cp md5sums.txt $LFS/sources/md5sums
cd $LFS/sources
pushd $LFS/sources
md5sum -c md5sums

I'm doing a few things there - but I do set up that sim link - but I
don't quite understand it
because for what you describe, my small mind thinks it should be written

ln -s $LFS/tools /tools  

But I'm sure its me just not understanding. Though I did test that
syntax and it seems to 
work how you describe the symlink in 4.2 is supposed to.

I'm admittedly puzzled. I didn't boot off a live cd either. I install
Slackware 13.87 into a Virtual machine, and I run a series of scripts,
logging in su - lfs when needed, pasting errata at the proper time
(after gcc make install for example), chrooting when I'm supposed to.

I'm not saying I'm doing it right - as I have problems I'm trying to
solve - but I'm trying real hard.

I really appreciate your extremely fast and knowledgeable response too!


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