[lfs-support] LFS - On Boot - Read Only File System

Kevin Wise wiske57 at opensuse.us
Sun Jan 8 17:54:13 PST 2012

Hello Jason, Don't know if I can be of much help as I'm quite new at LFS
and have only completed (1) build of 6.8 and (1) build of the current
7.0. Both with much help from the IRC channel and reading these post,
along with starting from scratch many times but I can tell you for sure
that the book is right as to everything. I did a lot of thinking as you
seem to be doing and that did not work. Best to get through the first
build following the book to the letter then experiment a little.

The only parts of the book I found to be important was the print, all
white space can be safely ignored :) Don't even think of giving up!


On Sun, 2012-01-08 at 18:25 -0700, jasonpsage at jegas.com wrote:
> Virtual Box->Slackware 13.87 Host
> After I compile the entire system, forget Grub - it seems unreliable to
> me - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't (using preexisting LILO in
> Slackware - booting seems much smoother) But in either case, my LFS
> boots to a READ ONLY file system.
> I've read that one of the boot scripts (which all installed ok to my
> knowledge) is supposed to do a fsck on the partition then unmount the
> drive and remount it read/write.
> Further, I expected to see a bunch od devices in the /dev folder and all
> I have is console and null.
> Also, the fstab has <yyy> or something versus /dev/sda3 or something
> too. Same with the swap setting.
> I'm a bit perplexed over this matter too. I'm wondering how my symlink
> in 4.2 caused my perl commands
> needing changing too. something is awry and I'm not sure what. I won't
> give up!
> --Jason

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