[lfs-support] Final GCC Compile Weirdness - 1 Time? No, 2 nd Time? Perfect!

jasonpsage at jegas.com jasonpsage at jegas.com
Mon Jan 9 07:57:26 PST 2012

Hello All,

I know it's me again - I feel like I'm maybe being a pill by now.

But this one is strange, and I'm not sure whether to just accept the
successful compile and move on or be concerned because what I'm
experiencing is possibly a symptom of a major mistake somewhere along
the line.

As the LFS 7 book suggests, I remove the source code folder before a
compile, and extract the source code
for the package I'm about to compile fresh - so everything is prestine.

Well... I do thing for the LAST gcc compile in the book, the one where
you are root but chroot'd in.
I remove the source folder, I extract, I remove the gcc_build folder, I
make it again new... in short
I follow all the recommendations... 

Then come all the sanity checks... well they aren't sane at all.
Frustrated... I execute the same exact steps
again on a whim.. exactly... remove the directories, extract the new
source code... compile...

100% SUCCESSFULL .....What in the world? 

Now, I wouldn't care that much except even running on a DEDICATED 32bit
Linux (Slackware 13.37) with MAKEFLAGS set to EIGHT to use all CORES...
it takes a while... So running the procedure twice is time 
consuming.. We're talking hours on a new i7 DELL XPS Studio (Quad Core
with hyper-threading - its like having EIGHT CPU)

So - Should I be worried? Does anyone have a clue how that could happen?
Does Anyone want to see the Script
that I run TWICE (and it has all the clean up etc and source code

Any help is always appreciated! Thank You...


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