[lfs-support] Final GCC Compile Weirdness - 1 Time? No, 2 nd Time? Perfect!

jasonpsage at jegas.com jasonpsage at jegas.com
Mon Jan 9 11:49:48 PST 2012

From: Matijn Woudt <tijnema at gmail.com>
>> Now, I wouldn't care that much except even running on a DEDICATED 32bit
>> Linux (Slackware 13.37) with MAKEFLAGS set to EIGHT to use all CORES...
>> it takes a while... So running the procedure twice is time
>> consuming.. We're talking hours on a new i7 DELL XPS Studio (Quad Core
>> with hyper-threading - its like having EIGHT CPU)
>You should know better that hyper-threading is far from having 8 real
>cores, you're compile time is probably nearly the same as with
>hyper-threading disabled.

I Don't Doubt that for a second... MY Wife and I were talking just today
we think 6 AMD REAL cores is probably better than Intel's i7 4 with
as a guy who wrote an assembly language OS when I was only 20, I know
that the CPU
is still chowing cycles to switch tasks - regardless how "Well they
wired it" and called 
it Hyper - it's a a TASK SWITCH.

>> So - Should I be worried? Does anyone have a clue how that could happen?
>> Does Anyone want to see the Script
>> that I run TWICE (and it has all the clean up etc and source code
>> un-tarring)?
>> Any help is always appreciated! Thank You...
>> --Jason
>Did you read section 4.5 "About SBUs"?[1]. It says that average
>compile time is measured depending on how long it took you to compile
>the very first package. GCC in chapter 6 (6.17) says: "Approximate
>build time: 47 SBU", so if your binutils package took 10 minutes, your
>GCC compilation would take about 47*10 = 470 minutes, almost 8 hours.

Um, yeah, been through the book numerous times now - wrote in in this
original thread lol.
MY worry is that I compile gcc this final go around, it fails. I clean
up the directories
and do it again... and it works. Time waise as you point out... fast CPU
or not - IT TERRIBLE
and makes a grown man want to cry... or at least grumble lol :)

Stay Cool Matijn

P.S. I'm really close to another "boot" and I have high hopes it will
work halfway decent!
How is your LFS system going? You have one built yet? How'd that go? Did
you help with the book or something too?

Regardless - have a great day and thank you for replying!

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