[lfs-support] LFS 7.0 - No Devices in /dev on boot up - Kernel then shuts off PC

jasonpsage at jegas.com jasonpsage at jegas.com
Tue Jan 10 09:03:09 PST 2012

>> I thought there was no way I missed a simple network driver...
>For your network card, try:
>lspci -k
>In the host; this will give you the module used to support your card. If it
>say something like ath5k.ko (or something similar), look in the Makefile of
>drivers/net/ (in the kernel sources) for the corresponding entry ath5k.c and
>you'll have the correct setting to enter in the kernel configuration.
>Look also in the staging directory.

Cool TRick - and I see how that might worked ... but what I found is...
the driver
is name tg3. It is from Broadcom. They have a Linux Driver - its in
*.rpm format,
the source code is for a 2.6 kernel (might not work on 3.1, might... I
dunno) but
rather than fight and fight to figure out how to get this to work (which
it might not.. 
lots of Redhat Suse talk in the docs and stuff like file paths might not
work etc.

I figure I should take my OS, and drop it in a vritual Machine, get eth0
and then do more
grandeouse stuff... then visit the "issue" of one nic card doesn't
work... versus
fighting with it. Slackware has it working, 2.6 kernel though - I guess
if you want to roll your own 
distro you better get good at compiling and installing various hardware

I'll get there - now I'd rather get ssl, ssh, xwindows and a window
manager running if I can.

Thank you though - I like the lspci -k trick!


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