[lfs-support] my latest project

jasonpsage at jegas.com jasonpsage at jegas.com
Wed Jan 11 02:12:50 PST 2012

>I will try out Jason’s scripts 

Hey Alain. I have just put the latest of my scripts here

I unpack them in /mnt/lfs

You'll end up with /mnt/lfs/lfs7

If done in right place.

Then in /mnt/lfs/lfs7/Jegas/ 

You'll find the scripts in numbered order, each has instructions at the
end for what to do next.

The GCC script is clearly marked now as 11-chrootgcc.sh

And one more thing: I RAN The Script in Win7->VirtualBox->Slackware
13.37 (32 bit) with four processors and the MAKEFLAGS set to 4
processors and it worked the first time, a second run wasn't needed.

I believe now it IS a RACE condition that can happen... and running the
script again in that situation, though a pain, solves the problem
itself. (doesn't match my normal computer understanding, but I'll accept
that FTW :)


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