[lfs-support] LFS 7.0 - No Devices in /dev on boot up - Kernel then shuts off PC

jasonpsage at jegas.com jasonpsage at jegas.com
Wed Jan 11 02:16:38 PST 2012

>> I looked in my scripts that build LFS, and realized I forgot to UNTAR
>> UDEV!!!!!
>Next lesson - when doing scripted builds, error handling is important.
>You want the entire build to stop immediately when something goes wrong,
>instead of trying to continue, making the original error hard to find.
>Personally, my preferred means of dealing with that is to simply add
>"set -e" near the top of my scripts. The has the effect that if any
>command run by the script exits with a non-zero status (i.e fails), the
>script aborts immediately.

I LIKE IT! KEEP EM COMING!     set -e     <--- Break on NON-ZERO EXIT

(I look for exit results when spawning from within my programs but I
didn't know this scripting trick. Thank you)

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