[lfs-support] LILO and GRUB - LILO I can make work, GRUB often leaves me Grubby

jasonpsage at jegas.com jasonpsage at jegas.com
Wed Jan 11 04:57:21 PST 2012

>> I know it's likely my lack of knowledge in this Grubby Area, however I
>> still felt like sharing the bits that have worked flawless for me as
>> well.
>> --Jason
>May I add that I use the GRUB bootloader found in Puppy 5.28? It finds 
>everything installed on the system, and you can easily edit the menu.lst 
>to change the boot order and options.

Of course you can! 

(BTW I love Puppy 5.28 and Puppy Mariner too) I tried Woof2 for my
adventure but found it was quite buggy. I think Woof (version 1) was
more ironed out. Woof2 seemed in a state of flux. 

On that tangent, I tried T1 a little and looked at their sample *.ISO
Found Linux From Scratch the way to go if your serious about building
own system or learning how to build your own distro etc. You really
the parts along the way .. I think so anyway - I didn't learn every
but I sure learned a lot so far along the way.

Now I just learned from you can mix-n-match compiled Grub's if you like,

cool! I have Puppy 5.28 handy too - I'll have to experiment with this.

Thank You Elly

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