[lfs-support] LILO and GRUB - LILO I can make work, GRUB often leaves me Grubby

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Wed Jan 11 09:41:11 PST 2012

On Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 11:20 AM,  <jasonpsage at jegas.com> wrote:
> First of all, let me say that from everything I've read, Grub2 in
> particular is the best boot loader out there, but with its
> sophistication comes larger size and slightly more complicated
> configuration (for me anyways.) And I've read that there have been
> LILO/BRUB "flame Wars" in here - so PLEASE, this post isn't about that.
> It's more about I don't know grub well enough and the book helps
> sometimes.. I'll explain.
> When I am using Slackware as my Host, it has Lilo. When I finish making
> my LFS 7.0 OS on my /mnt/lfs partition, all I have to do to guarantee a
> boot is:
> 1: Copy the /mnt/lfs/boot/vmlinuz-3.1-lfs-7.0 kernel file to the host
> /boot/
> 2: edit /etc/lilo.conf and copy the last entry in the file and paste it,
> change the label, the name of the kernel file and the drive where where
> my LFS is located.
> EXAMPLE: At end of lilo config file I see something like (comments added
> for clarity)
> #----------BEGIN
> image=/boot/vmlinuz
> root=/dev/sda2
> label=Linux
> read-only
> #----------END
> I copy-n-paste this and change the values for my LFS:
> #----------BEGIN
> image=/boot/vmlinuz-3.1-lfs-7.0
> root=/dev/sda3
> label=LFS
> read-only
> #----------END
> Then I REBOOT - and I have the Slackware/Lilo Menu Screen, I select LFS
> and it boots everytime.
> Now, if your host has LILO, you might find this is pretty slick. You
> MUST remember that if you make a new kernel you need to copy it to your
> host's /boot/ folder before rebooting or things might not act like you
> expect.
> -----------Moving On
> Barry mentioned that LILO has some issues that can be problematic, and I
> don't doubt it for a second. I do however have trouble with GRUB. The
> Book tells us some steps.. but I get differing results everytime I try
> GRUB and in all cases I'm not able to run the HOST again.
> 1: I am under the impression we are to install grub on the host machine
> because it isn't clear in the book, further trying to install grub while
> chrooted into the LFS system hasn't worked for me yet. Compiling errors
> if memory serves me correctly.
> 2: All attempts to configure the grub menu to launch the HOST fail for
> me. (note I always get one shot at this, A rescue disk would help here
> surely)
> Usually when grub seems like its going to work, I get a menu.. and I
> think only a couple times have I personally had luck making it actually
> boot. I often have to edit the menu option here and tweak it to work, it
> seems so mangle the linux <xxxxxxx> line on me and I have to put it back
> together - then I can boot.
> Usually I get a grub rescue prompt, and I'm sorry but I've googled the
> heck out of that, read all sorts of documentation... that thing is as
> useless as [insert some funny remark here].
> The bummer for me is I like the way Grub allows you set timing, splash
> screens, fire off windows partitions and much more. Lilo does to but has
> less features I suppose.
> Either Way, I have no idea yet how I could make a installable ISO just
> yet that would boot, start a setup program to gather information, and
> then install grub or lilo for that matter on a target machine without
> messing it up. This is something I surely what to be able to do.
> So this message is not so much a whine, or an ask for help as it is my
> current place in this stormy ocean at this point. I've made tons of
> progress, I'm hoping my Lilo Trick for folks with Lilo based hosts is
> somewhat useful... but I, Like Barry and the Book recommend, would love
> to use Grub without feeling sorta fearful I'm going trash the machine
> everytime I try.
> I know it's likely my lack of knowledge in this Grubby Area, however I
> still felt like sharing the bits that have worked flawless for me as
> well.
> --Jason

lilo is plain and simple to use
but at least for me there is no contest , grub wins hands down

regards iso booting, this is easy in both lilo and grub ( tbh even
easier in grub using grml scripts )

a quick google of "lilo iso boot"
gets you this

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