[lfs-support] Q: Diskless boot and initramfs final mount using LFS

jasonpsage at jegas.com jasonpsage at jegas.com
Wed Jan 11 09:57:12 PST 2012

>I am totally new to LFS but very interested to see how I can use it for my requirements. 
>I ‘ll need to custom build a Linux distribution that eventually has to meet requirements:
>1.       Smaller than 200MB (kernel + intramfs image files).
>2.       Be able to support KVM-based virtualization (Redhat). 
>3.       Can be pxebooted on a x86_64 architecture
>4.       Can mount the initramfs as its final root file system (no disk, no NFS).
>Is this something doable using LFS?

Hello David and Welcome.

I'm SO NEW here myself I don't really feel qualified to answer with
authority, so keep that 
in mind. Also, I'm hoping where I'm wrong, I'll promptly be corrected
someone more knowledgeable.

1: I DO think you can make a smaller than 200meg Linux system. I don't
know how big the KVM stuff would be though
Also I think some "trimming" on your part would be needed possibly
stripping out any packages you don't require and other packages
aren't dependant on.

2: This part I'm not sure. FRankly you'll need a Working LFS system, and
the the KVM sources to try to compile KVM tools and see...I think.

3: I don't know what that means: pxebooted    I guess... Maybe? Did you
missspell? Prebooted? I'm Leaning toward yes in that case.

4: I'm no expert hert but it's my understanding that working with the
RAM File System requires some kernel know how. From what I can 
tell so far, you have to get your "file system" zipped up and small so
that the kernel can use it. I THINK this zipped file needs to be sort of

compiled into the kernel - so if I'm right - you probably can but this
is well out side the realms of the LFS "Scope", that doesn't meen its
not possible. It's just many of us are happy to make a linux files
system that boots, you want to then that and squeeze it into yet another
and boot it there. I think you have some serious work/time ahead of you
on this one, but I KNOW generally speaking this is possible.
Some "Rescue Linux" and even "Puppy" run their kernel and a small
filesystem in RAM... Puppy does it for speed gains.

Good Luck and Hope others chime in to correct me where I'm likely wrong
so David here gets a good idea.


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