[lfs-support] Still fighting with Network Madness...

jasonpsage at jegas.com jasonpsage at jegas.com
Thu Jan 12 15:24:46 PST 2012

Thank You Bruce, Alex and FireAt...

I have not been able to try the various suggestions as yet. I'm
currently simultaneously compiling three instances of the OS (
http://jegas.tv ) - One 64 Bit Instance, and two 32 Bit Instances. 

I've been through various iterations of Lilo and Grub and continue to
get Kernel Panics in the Virtual Machines "unable to read init, please
fix your root="

And I know what it sounds like, so I've been going through various
permutations of lilo and grub (yup - messing with grub2 more now also)
trying to find out what is up. Is it the Kernel? Is it fstab? Is it
something in Grub Menu or Lilo? Hard To Say. Somethings that work
PERFECT on a real machine don't always seem to pan out in the Virtual
machine - yet when I download a distro - they usually work in the
virtual machines and "real metal" just the same.

So, I'm juggling a few irons - and of course the networking is one of
them. I just wanted to write you all so you didn't think you're help was
unappreciated or being ignored. Hardly! Alex, you have a great intro ;)
Thank you all! I really want to master this stuff and with everyone's
help - it might be close to possible.

Thank You,

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