[lfs-support] To David Gay - You're Compiling Scripts for LFS

jasonpsage at jegas.com jasonpsage at jegas.com
Fri Jan 13 09:41:35 PST 2012

Hello David,

I just wanted to say I've looked through your scripts and I think they
are well done. Additionally the YAAC footnote had me laughing at
something I see in this field all the time... Acronym Pride.. the more
you know the smarter you must be, anyways I got a kick out of it. It's
nice to see us hackers still have a sense of humor!

As you eluded when you gave these scripts to me "You can use them or
write your own.." I did the Roll-My-Own thing but your scripts have
proved a useful validation. In fact your scripts are more lock-n-step
with the book then mine. Mine tend to have a script cover many
"sections" and you only see the steps if you open them and see 5.1.2 Do
THIS,  5.1.3 do that (for example)

Regardless - I thought they were done extremely professional, like they
are ready for distribution to the masses.

Anyway - I wanted to say thank you and follow up see how I had a chance
to go through them.

I'm still fighting issues myself - but they aren't LFS bloopers I think
as much as finicky hardware and nuances of Kernel Compiling. e.g.
Everything is fine, add more modules, modules start freaking even though
you didn't indicate to load them... why? I dunno and I'm not asking yet
- just "STUFF" - each is teaching me something... and when I feel I Gave
it a GOOD EFFORT... I'll toss it out here in the mailing list.

So I'll see you probably 500 reboots from now :)


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