[lfs-support] IPRoute2 (2.6.39)

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sat Jan 14 22:37:33 PST 2012

Uthayanan wrote:
> Thanks for the info !!! I am doing it again, This time I am using Cent 6.0
> as my host machine.
> I ran the version check and I didnt get the expected output for Gcc and
> glibc. the snipped output is
> version-check.sh: line 21: gcc: command not found                // in gcc
> expected version according to the book is 4.1.2

You need to install gcc.  The version are 'minimum versions', not 
'expected versions'.

> GNU C Library stable release version 2.12                             //
> Glibc expected version according to the book is 2.5.1

2.12 is greater than 2.5.1.

Don't top post.

   -- Bruce

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