[lfs-support] Use VM to do LFS

Li, David LiD at cloudshield.com
Sun Jan 15 16:03:45 PST 2012

I am new to LFS and am very interested in using a virtual machine (e.g virtual box vm). Is this something documented in the book already. Does this mean it's doable?



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>I've been managing to get more consistent results in VirtualBox.
>Boot Issues? Mostly were Grub2 Related, and getting more familiar with it has
>help tremendously. However as I learned more, I couldn't help but wonder
>why CentOS6 needs such a CRAZY startup string. They must not use the KISS
>On a counter note, I must say there have been LESS problems in the Same
>VirtualBox using CentOS6 as my host versus my fond Slackware.
>I can only think that something about how Slackware's core is compiled leaves
>something to be desired for the LFS process.
>For Example: With VM+Slackware host, trying to compile BLFS -
>python2 - failed miserably while VM+CentOS6, trying to compile
>python2 worked like a champ.
>Adding to the confusion, when I used Slackware as a host on my machine
>directly (no Virtual Machine) I only have networking issues which I've yet to
>conquer but all indications are my Broadcom NIC (tg3) might possibly work
>better as a loadable module, and the load order may have significance.
>Loading the tg3 driver into the kernel has not worked for me yet, and
>evidently I have a finicky card that can quietly refuse to work if its not happy.
>I guess my next steps are continuing writing BLFS scripts which I'm happy to
>report I run entirely IN my new LFS OS... reporting myself as an official LFS
>user, and getting on another mailing list.
>I do have a question or two but they belong in BLFS mailing list. So this is my "I
>DID IT" (with your help) Scream at the world email.
>Even if my lib mudflap still fails me - hehehe
>Thank you everyone! (I'll still be around)

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