[lfs-support] Use VM to do LFS

jasonpsage at jegas.com jasonpsage at jegas.com
Sun Jan 15 18:05:18 PST 2012

>> I am new to LFS and am very interested in using a virtual machine (e.g virtual box vm). Is this something >documented in the book already. Does this mean it's doable?
>> Thanks.
>Works fine. Building current SVN using VMWare 7 workstation on Windows
>(using SLAX Live-CD as a host) as I type this (mainly to
>test\experiment with instructions\hints for initramfs and systemd)
>Only caveats to be aware of are making sure your eventual kernel
>configuration (and selected host distribution) support the VM drivers
>used for disk and networking by your VM system.
>Steve Crosby

I'm likewise using VirtualBox withouth trouble. Unlike Steve, I haven't
compiled in anything 
in my kernel for the virtual machine..file systems or anything and no

Where I have seen issues is that just because you get it working in the
VM doesn't mean it's going to 
work on your real hardware. These is where I find Kernel Selections, and
When to use modules versus when not to a real art. Frankly it's smooth
process when your expected devices work as you plan, and sometimes a
very lengthly iterative trial and error process when they don't.

You asked if its doable on a VM... 
I think you're getting a resounding YES (B^)>


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