[lfs-support] Problems with GCC Pass 1 in Chapter 5

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 11:31:37 PST 2012

Mario Meier wrote:
> Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>> Mario Meier wrote:
>>> !! I am not english native speaker. I am from Austria and maybe I
>>> will post sentences that are grammatically wrong. Please ask me if
>>> you do not understand me.
>> Sometimes non-native speakers know more about our language than 
>> native-speakers.  :)
>>> I have a big problem. I already tried to build LFS multiple times. My
>>> current try is from a VirtualBox VM with a Win7 host and an openSUSE
>>> guest system.
>>> I put the source tarballs to a directory on the host system
>>> (accessable as shared folder at /mnt/host), but I use the LINUX tar
>>> to extract the archives. I know that using Windows applications may
>>> cause errors.
>>> I have extracted GCC to /mnt/lfs/sources (I will call it /sources in
>>> the rest of the mail) and have set the $src variable to /mnt/host.
>>> I always used this command to extract an archive:
>>> tar -xvaf <package>*.tar*
>>> That should allow me to leave out the version number and the
>>> compression file extension. The -a flag means that TAR automatically
>>> detects the compression method.
>>> In the german support channel, they told me to leave out -a. I did so
>>> and also left out the stars and wrote the full path.
>> The -a is not necessary.  I don't really care to watch the output of tar 
>> any more, so I just use 'tar -xf $DIR/$PROGRAM.tar.?z*' in my scripts. 
>> That gets .tar.gz, .tar.bz2, and .tar.xz.  It misses the occasional .tgz.
>>> I had tested if that worked. It now says, "libmprf not found or uses
>>> different ABI"
>>> Could you help me please?
>> I'm not sure what your question is.  You have openSUSE and it doesn't 
>> extract the tarfiles?  What version of tar do you have?  'tar --version'.
> My question is that it does not find MPFR!
> I am sorry, I did not read through the message before sending it.
> What my question is: Why does the GCC compilation brake?
> I am in 'make' process and it says it does not find libmpfr!

You probably didn't follow the instructions in section 5.3:

1. Extract the package, in this case gcc.
2. Change to the directory created when the package was extracted.

Now follow the instructions:
tar -jxf ../mpfr-3.1.0.tar.bz2
mv -v mpfr-3.1.0 mpfr


You probably missed step 2.

> My TAR Version:
> tar (GNU tar) 1.26

That's fine.

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