[lfs-support] Make errors on Binutils-2.21.1a - Pass 2

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Wed Jan 25 12:12:28 PST 2012

On Jan 25, 2012 7:51 PM, "Dave H" <thegenrlftw at gmail.com> wrote:
> Rats (pun intended), I JUST read I should have deleted the
<packagename>-build directory in step 5.3.  Sorry I didn't see that before
I sent the email out.
> Also though, it says to delete the extracted tar of each source, then I
guess re extracting it for each pass?  Is that necessary?  Do things change
in the extracted source when installing?
> Thank you for your time, really I appreciate it.

It's a good habit to remove the src and start fresh, the reason being that
patches and seds might be applied which may not be clobbered by simply
untaring again ( coreutils is an example of this )

Personally I create a new dir for each package and create symlinks to the
source and patches
so using binutils as an example

    install -d $LFS/build/binutilspass1
    cd $LFS/build/binutilspass1
    ln -s $LFS/source/binutils* .

because I have a binutilspass1 and binutilspass2 I don't need to worry
about hangovers
The symlinks mean I can copy'n'paste from the book without needing to alter
the paths to patches or tarballs

Note, for GCC in chapter05 you also need to symlink the extra packages, not
just gcc*

install -d is a little quicker than
       mkdir $LFS/build
       mkdir $LFS/build/binutilspass1

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