[lfs-support] Trouble changing dynamic linker in step 6.9

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Jan 29 09:33:57 PST 2012

Dave H wrote:
> Hi guys running into another snag and was hoping someone could shed
> some light on the problem.
> At the stage to change the dynamic linker but for some reason,
> cut/pasting didn't seem to work:
> =======================================================================
> root:/sources/glibc-2.14.1# DL=$(readelf -l /bin/sh | sed -n
> 's at .*interpret.*/tools\(.*\)]$@\1 at p')

Is this really 's at ...' and not 's at .* ...' or the mailer?

Are you using html or pdf.  We've seen problems with some systems when 
doing a 'cut' from pdf.

   -- Bruce

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