[lfs-support] LFS-7.0 with LVM

Baho Utot baho-utot at columbus.rr.com
Sun Jan 29 15:32:00 PST 2012

I am using the lvm hint by Bryan Kadzban

I think I am almost there to put LFS-7.0 on lvm, Have the following issues
If someone here can point me in the correct direction and correction me.....

The lfs-7.0 is stock out of the book, with the following added packages


I have created an lvm volume called "lvm" and created a partition 
called "root"and rebooted.

I then booted to archlinux and rsynced the lfs-7.0 installed on a regular 
partition to the lvm partition.

When I boot to the "LFS-7.0 non lvm" and run vgchange -ay the lvm volume "lvm" 
lvm-root does not show up under /dev/mapper until I execute:
# udevadm trigger
After that command it will show up in /dev/mapper.  It still does not show up 
under /dev/lvm.

Since I know nothing about udev where may I start looking to fix this problem?

Next issue:

When I boot to the lvm volume and I believe this problem is related to the 

If finds the lvm volume lvm, and reports that volume group "lvm" is now active
it then proceeds with mount the /boot partition then pukes saying that it can 
not find / in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab
responding with...
Pressing Enter to shoutdown the system.

If I modify /etc/fstab not to have the root filsystem mounted it pukes on the 
same error.

Am I correct in believeing that the root filesystem is mounted from 
the /etc/rc./init.d/mountfs script?
If so is it permissable to remove the part that mounts the root filesystem?

Does LFS have to have the root file system in fstab?

On Arch linux and other distros the root filesystem is not required in fstab 
and things are just fine.

If I modify checkfs not to mount / ro to check the filesystem skipping the 
fsck check for thr root filesystem ( i know that's bad but I am just in the 
testing mode now, fixit later) it will complain about not finding / in fstab 
and give me the "Enter" treatment but after hitting "Enter" it will give me a 
login prompt and I can sucessfully login.

Any help with the above issue is appreciated

Thank you for your continued support.

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