[lfs-support] looking for a "build buddy"

Firerat firer4t at googlemail.com
Sun Jan 29 15:59:10 PST 2012

On 29 January 2012 18:00, Robert A. Lerche <ral at msbit.com> wrote:
> Hi.  I have previously built LFS and used the LFS Live CD project to
> create a custom system (back in the 6.3 / 6.4 days).
> I am now engaged in a project for a client using Android on a custom
> embedded system.  As you may know, Android uses the Linux kernel as a
> base.
> Has anyone out there built Android completely from sources?  I'd
> appreciate a chance to chat with someone familiar with setting up a
> complete source build environment.
> Thanks in advance.

Yes, I have built Android from Source, both  Android Open Source
Project (AOSP) and CyanogenMod (CM)
I have not built using a LFS host, BUT the Android Source sets up its
own toolchain really you just need a compiler to compile that, LFS
should  work just fine ( you will need sun JDK6 for Android 2.3+ , sun
JDK5 for anything lower )

With regard to the custom the Kernel, it is mostly specific to the
device's hardware
The java virtual machine  is based on DalvikVM ,
The native linux bins are linked against bionic ( some weird libc
implementation  that I know little about )

Android itself is not too much of a problem
The real challenge that Developers in the Open Source community face
is talking with the hardware
The Kernel side of things is not ( or shouldn't be ) an issue, as the
GPL ensures the kernel source is released, however  some companies do
'drop the ball', src is not released promptly and often contains bugs
and won't compile/work.
Libraries that talk with hardware , such as cam, gps, telephony etc,
are usually closed/proprietary and have to be reverse engineered
some companies  are more helpful than others, for instance Sony
Ericsson has recently been very helpful  and I believe (*) offered
some direct assistance. I think (*) Samsung have open source 'drivers'
available in AOSP's repos
(*)  take with a pinch of salt, I have not researched these facts as I
do not own relevant devices, just read bits third hand

My 'work' with android is very limited, I started by writing a few
shell scripts and then tweaked some CM code to add a specific feature
( long story )

I'm not sure what your final goal is, or what your client can.provide.
But I think your best bet would be to look towards CyanogenMod
irc, twitter and g+ may get you in touch with people who have the
specific talents you require

I wouldn't bother with the CM forums, mostly end users demanding
features/themes and device support
http://forum.xda-developers.com/ is probably even less relevant with
http://rootzwiki.com being much the same

AOSP http://source.android.com/source/index.html
They officially support Ubuntu, but like I said all you need is a
toolchain to build their toolchain

look in vendor/ and device/ to see how to set things up for your
Device ( looks complicated but once you get your head round it.. it
isn't that bad )

Regardless I don't feel anything is directly related to LFS
Talented, Witty And Thoughtful .. is how most describe me.

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