[lfs-support] LFS-7.0 with LVM

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Jan 29 19:04:01 PST 2012

Qrux wrote:

> If you're not testing kernel operations that handle bare-metal (e.g.,
> physical hardware drivers), you can do FS-related testing (or
> anything higher-level than the FS) even more easily (from a
> disk-space perspective) with VMs.  

Wait for it.  Hopefully later tonight in BLFS.

> The only case I see for needing to boot into LVM is for managing
> partitions over 2TB, though it seems like parted could handle that
> pretty easily (I can't verify; I'm a 32-bit fdisk fan).

BLFS does have parted, jfs, and xfs.  They will handle a 2T+ partition.

jfs will handle 32P partitions.
xfs will handle 16E partitions.

T = 2^40 bytes
P = 2^50 bytes
E = 2^60 bytes

The largest dive I can find right now is 4T, so I guess I need to go get 
8192 of those to get to a 32P partitions.  :)

I'll have to wait for one of those 16E partitions.  :)

> I'm just a
> user, but I tend to agree that for LFS, purity (and simplicity) is
> good.  Not even sure that md would be a good inclusion for LFS.

It will be fine for BLFS.

> Maybe consider a "Booting- and Hardware-Related Options" section for
> BLFS? 

See BLFS 5. File Systems.  Already includes lvm2 (but not how to use it).

   -- Bruce

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