[lfs-support] Greetings and first two questions

Raphael Bustin rafeb at speakeasy.net
Mon Jan 30 19:13:57 PST 2012

The 'patch' command in the LFS book (Sec. 5.5.1)
immediately follows three un-tar operations where the
'root' directories of the three newly-created source trees
are renamed to mpfr, gmp, and mpc.

I understand that the patchfile (by virtue of its name)
has something to do with gcc.  But I can't relate that
to -any- of the three source trees that were just

I still don't understand where I should be when I do
the indicated 'patch' command in this instance.  The
dir tree I have (just prior to the patch cmd) is

source/mpfr  // has configure, configure.ac
source/gmp  // has configure
source/mpc  // has configure, configure.ac

.... So it's not clear at all which of these
directories the patch is directed at.  What is
the clue that I'm missing?

/Rafe B.

At 09:31 PM 1/30/2012, Firerat wrote:
>On 31 January 2012 00:31, rafe_b <rafeb at speakeasy.net> wrote:
> > 2. The issue in the previous item isn't insurmountable
> > in most cases, but it gets critical for the first 'patch'
> > command of Sec. 5.5.1, to wit:
> >
> > patch -Np1 -i ../gcc-4.6.1-cross_compile-1.patch
> >
>the patches are crafted such that they are relative to the root of the
>source ( after stripping the leading path in the patch with the -p
>patch --help , for some detail ( man patch and/or info patch, will get
>some more )
> > [There are two files being patched, but they
> > are not unique to any one of these three
> > directories -- 'configure' appears in all three,
> > and 'configure.ac' appears in two out of three.]
> >
>It is only patching  ./configure and ./configure.ac ( relative to the
>root of the gcc src )
>the patch is for gcc, not  mpfr, gmp or mpc

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